VIC Bushfire Watch & Act: Mernda


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Source: VIC Emergency

This Watch & Act message is being issued for Mernda.

There is a grassfire at Brunton Drive and Masons Road, Mernda that is not yet under control
This grassfire is travelling in a south-westerly direction.
Residents in the areas of Brunton Drive and Masons Road need to move back two streets.
If you live directly next to grassland, quickly move two or more streets away from the fire. Grass fires are unlikely to spread past the first row of houses.
What you should do:

If you live next to grasslands:
When you leave remember to take your pets, medications, mobile phone and charger.
Keep the roads clear so emergency services can respond.
If you are away from home do not return. Travel to the home of family or friends that are away from the warning area.

If you live two or more streets away from the grassland you should shelter indoors:
Bring your pets indoors.
Close all exterior doors, windows and vents.
Turn off cooling systems.
Monitor conditions.
Impacts in your area:
This message was issued by Country Fire Authority.

The next update is expected by 20/02/2019 08:20 pm or as the situation changes.

If you can smell smoke, please note:
Smoke can affect people's health.
People with heart or lung conditions (including asthma), children, pregnant women and older people are more sensitive to the effects of breathing in smoke.
People with existing heart or lung conditions (including asthma) should follow the treatment plan advised by the doctor.

Health information:
If you need medical advice for burns or exposure to smoke, seek medical advice or call Nurse on Call on 1300 606 024.
Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing should call Triple Zero (000).
If you cannot smell smoke you are not likely to be exposed to smoke and it will therefore not affect you.

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